Complex “SvetL”

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Knowledge from the Beginning (in russian language)

This collection of articles is compiled in a concise form. It does not include some of the aricles of the Complete Co...

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“SvetL” Technologies – technologies for Development and Health.


Revolutionary new technologies increasingly fill our lives.
Radio and television once seemed miraculous and fantastic, and no more than 25-30 years ago mobile phones, laptop computers and many other things which today form an integral part of our lives appeared to be unbelievable miracles of technology.


Most people have no understanding of many technologies that seem like science fiction even now. But nevertheless, these technologies are becoming reality, entering into our lives.


Our site presents products that are based on one of these revolutionary technologies "SvetL": «SvetL» and Adaptive Bioinformatic Bracelets of the «SvetL» programs.


The “SvetL” technology, developed by Russian scientist, Nicolai Viktorovich Levashov, is truly a technology of the future.


Deep, comprehensive healing, intellectual, creative and spiritual development, protection from info-energtic impacts; these are only some of the challenges successfully solved by the so-called Psi-field Generator that underpins the technology.


A detailed description of the operating principle of “SvetL” technology can be found on our website under the Information section. There are also articles describing the successful application of the “SvetL” and “SvetL” bracelets.

The Video section contains all video clips about “SvetL” technology to help you understand the basic operating principles of the “SvetL” and “SvetL” Bracelets.

You can use our Forum to communicate with others about these technologies, or to read reviews and other people’s feedback, or to learn about many new things and discuss it with like-minded people. The Forum is open to all, and information is constantly updated. The Forum presents a series of articles, "Knowledge of Na_chala" which are also open for discussion.

You can find answers to frequently asked questions in the FAQ section, comprising the most interesting and important questions, including about the use of “SvetL” technology.

All participants of the “SvetL” Programs are served by a technical support site, in which each member has access to a Private Office which is granted after the registration process by using a ten-digit serial number for the “SvetL” and/or a five-digit number for the “SvetL” Bracelet.

We can keep in touch through the site’s feedback form, and we are always ready to answer your questions and receive your comments and suggestions for improving our site.

We will be glad to see you among our newsletter subscribers. Every two weeks as well as on special occasions, we send out a newsletter to highlight the latest developments concerning our overall activity, as well as providing you with interesting and important information.